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The end of one chapter, the beginning of the next

Today was my official last day as an intern at the Whitechapel Gallery (I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to work at the annual Gala), and so to mark the closing of this period, I’ve updated my CV: I’ve added my Whitechapel experience and changed the look a bit so it’s easier to […]

The trip of a lifetime

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that R, the Dev. manager in charge of individuals (read: patrons), gave me: I had to recreate a popular patrons’ field trip to the USA from 2007 for this upcoming Spring. This task entailed reviewing the archive’s materials from the 2007 trip, such as old itineraries, receipts and […]

A Job well Done

These past few weeks at the Whitechapel has been particularly enjoyable because I’ve had the opportunity to do some self-directed research, which I love. Z told me that one of the curators, D, was preparing a new exhibition for the Gallery that, if successful, will be mounted in two or three years’ time. D had […]

The perks of being behind the scenes

This morning’s meeting with A and Z included a great treat for me as a student and lover of contemporary art. In order to allow me to better research funding options, Z shared with me the entire exhibition schedule for the Whitechapel Gallery until Spring 2014. Most museum visitors don’t consider the fact that the […]

Introducing: DevIntern

Last week, I took up my new identity as ‘DevIntern’ at the Whitechapel Gallery. I’m managed by Z, a development officer who’s particularly involved with working with Trusts and Foundations and some Corporate clients, and A, a newer member of the team who got her start at the Whitechapel (like many, I’m discovering) as an […]

Spoilt for choice?

I received the very happy news over the weekend that I was selected for the Whitechapel internship and I’m absolutely thrilled. This did mean, however, that I had to write this morning to cancel my interview at the British Museum because it clashes with my new work schedule (I am starting immediately at the Whitechapel […]

I might get hired!

Yesterday I had an interview with the Whitechapel Gallery, which I feel went really well, and today I found out that I made the shortlist for the British Museum’s Development Department Internship and was invited for an interview next week. Fingers are now crossed.