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Looking towards the Autumn

An exciting update… I got hired as a volunteer Education Assistant at the Museum of Brands and begin in September. The head of Education is new to the museum as well and has some great ideas about making the collection more interactive, so I’m excited to begin working with her and the rest of the […]

A new opportunity?

Yesterday, I sent a cover letter and my CV through to the Education department at the Museum of Brands for an Education Volunteer vacancy, and although it’s still several days before the deadline, I’ve already been asked to an interview! Although the position is unpaid and only one day a week, I’m realising that if […]

Realisations and Decisions

Since the beginning of this blog, I have applied for the following positions (to be honest, I may have forgotten a few…): A internship with the development department at the Whitechapel Gallery: success! A British Museum internship (through the KCL internship office): asked to interview, I withdrew my application due to time conflict with the […]

Mapping the future

For the past three years during my summers, I have worked with a London-based company that works with students and young people across the country to identify and raise their aspirations, and to equip them with some valuable tools to achieve their educational, personal, and career goals. For some reason, I had always thought of […]

Spoilt for choice?

I received the very happy news over the weekend that I was selected for the Whitechapel internship and I’m absolutely thrilled. This did mean, however, that I had to write this morning to cancel my interview at the British Museum because it clashes with my new work schedule (I am starting immediately at the Whitechapel […]

I might get hired!

Yesterday I had an interview with the Whitechapel Gallery, which I feel went really well, and today I found out that I made the shortlist for the British Museum’s Development Department Internship and was invited for an interview next week. Fingers are now crossed.

Applications Submitted

I’ve applied for an internship with the British Museum’s development department offered by the internship team, as well as an internship in the development department of the Whitechapel Gallery that I found through my own research. At the first meeting for the internship module I wrote on my survey that while I didn’t have many […]

The Beginning

Today was the first seminar for the Internship module, and so too today begins this blog, which will follow my experiences finding, applying, and hopefully getting hired for an internship in the Creative and Cultural industries. There is currently massive amounts of competition for every CCI internship advertised, and I will no doubt find myself […]