Monthly Archives: August 2012

Looking towards the Autumn

An exciting update… I got hired as a volunteer Education Assistant at the Museum of Brands and begin in September. The head of Education is new to the museum as well and has some great ideas about making the collection more interactive, so I’m excited to begin working with her and the rest of the […]

Something to grow on

As a way of assessing our progress this year, the internship team has asked us to each complete a GROW model, as we did at our first meeting in October. GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward, and relies upon authenticity, realism, and the formation of concrete action points. To show my progress, […]

A new opportunity?

Yesterday, I sent a cover letter and my CV through to the Education department at the Museum of Brands for an Education Volunteer vacancy, and although it’s still several days before the deadline, I’ve already been asked to an interview! Although the position is unpaid and only one day a week, I’m realising that if […]

Realisations and Decisions

Since the beginning of this blog, I have applied for the following positions (to be honest, I may have forgotten a few…): A internship with the development department at the Whitechapel Gallery: success! A British Museum internship (through the KCL internship office): asked to interview, I withdrew my application due to time conflict with the […]