Monthly Archives: February 2012

Harvard Graduates in the Mail Room

This article in the New York Times speaks a lot to what Nick Wilson and Rosalind Gill have been discussing in their lectures about cultural work. The author writes about the¬†phenomenon¬†in Hollywood (that can be seen across the CCIs) of the well-educated graduate forced to do low-pay drudgery work for years before being allowed access […]

The trip of a lifetime

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that R, the Dev. manager in charge of individuals (read: patrons), gave me: I had to recreate a popular patrons’ field trip to the USA from 2007 for this upcoming Spring. This task entailed reviewing the archive’s materials from the 2007 trip, such as old itineraries, receipts and […]

The work is worth it

What feeds the spirit? It’s worth the cost. Wendy James, in charge of Briefing for the Tate Modern Project, today in our Towards Tomorrow’s Museum class.