Monthly Archives: November 2011

Spoilt for choice?

I received the very happy news over the weekend that I was selected for the Whitechapel internship and I’m absolutely thrilled. This did mean, however, that I had to write this morning to cancel my interview at the British Museum because it clashes with my new work schedule (I am starting immediately at the Whitechapel […]

I might get hired!

Yesterday I had an interview with the Whitechapel Gallery, which I feel went really well, and today I found out that I made the shortlist for the British Museum’s Development Department Internship and was invited for an interview next week. Fingers are now crossed.

The Current Climate (or, why it’s terrible to be looking for an internship right now)

The Guardian writes today that under-24 unemployment has hit a record high, with over 1 million 16-24 year olds unemployed in the UK.

Applications Submitted

I’ve applied for an internship with the British Museum’s development department offered by the internship team, as well as an internship in the development department of the Whitechapel Gallery that I found through my own research. At the first meeting for the internship module I wrote on my survey that while I didn’t have many […]

CV Overhaul

Today after our seminar I headed to the Careers Services offices at KCL and had them take a look at my CV. It was dense, dull, and didn’t highlight much of anything. Returning home with a renewed sense of purpose and tips to highlight my academic strength and to make skills from my work experience […]